The Blog Begins…

Hello Everyone! Here are some photos of the new house.

Living Room. The lovely striped couch came along with the house when we bought it. We’ll be passing it along soon hopefully…

Here is the bathroom…

Here is the eating area of the kitchen.

Here is the laundry area. We plan on moving that into the basement and turning that closet into a pantry.

Second Bedroom. Yeah. Hot mess. I know. Workin’ on it…













So there you have it folks! Still a few more pictures to follow. Our bedroom, the basement, attic and exterior shots. Sorry, we’ve been so busy getting things moved in that there hasn’t been a lot of time for photo-taking and posting.


One thought on “The Blog Begins…

  1. Yal, did a good job with picking a house. Love it. You have a adventure ahead of yal. Cant wait to see the end result. I know it will be awesome.

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