Floors and Doors…

So all of the carpet is ripped up. The floors aren’t looking so great right now, but progress is progress. Sometimes things have to get a bit worse before they get better. In the meantime, I’m shopping for area rugs…big ones….:)

In other news, I’m refinishing an old door for the front entry. Here’s the before…

It’s painted white on the outside and stained on the inside. Obviously, I want it stained dark on the outside and painted white on the inside…Duh! Enter paint stripper and sandpaper…

Now for some shameless product-placement…I had purchased an inexpensive natural paint stripper, and after an hour of scraping, here’s what we had…

Ugh. So we did some research and found Soy Gel, a natural paint stripper. It was about double the price of the cheaper stuff, but what a difference!

I still have some sanding left to do, and then I’m going to stain it a dark walnut color. I’ll keep you posted!





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