Ding Dong, the Tree is Gone!

So, there was this gigantic pine tree in our front yard. It was taller than our house, and completely overpowered the whole front yard. It needed to go. We did a cost-benefit analysis to see if we should just have Francis, Chad, Dave, and the boys come down here and harvest it, but with the rising cost of beer, it seemed a bit too expensive. So, that meant Erich had to chop it down himself. Bear in mind that we live on a small, busy street with power lines, so we couldn’t just take a chainsaw to her and hope she didn’t hit anything. It was going to take a little more finesse… Here’s what happened. He started by lopping off the bottom branches. Then came the fun part. Erich strapped on all the gear

And then he lopped off the top when there was just a few feet left.

Then he chopped down the base of the tree, so all we had left was this.

It was a beautiful tree, but I can’t say it will be missed.

Next year we’re going to start looking for a small lilac tree to put there in its place.


One thought on “Ding Dong, the Tree is Gone!

  1. Sad to see trees go but you need a lawn too. What did you do to recycle the wood? Love you kitchen and the closets were a smart idea. Can,t wait to see your curtains there and in the kitchen

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