The Well Runs Dry…

No, our well didn’t dry up. We’re on city water. That was just a clever title for one of our recent home improvement projects. A dry well.

In the back or our house, our downspout and sump pump used to pour out over our driveway. While this was just a nuisance in the summer, it becomes dangerous when the temperature drops below freezing. Seriously, the Montreal Canadiens could practice their slap shots on the skating rink that our driveway became.

So we fixed it. First, Erich turned the downspout to face the backyard. Then he dug a trench from the downspout and sump pump discharges to the edge of our backyard, and then dug a deep well. In the well he placed a large drum with holes drilled into it to allow the water to seep into the ground.
Here’s some pictures to help explain.


He then ran PVC piping from the downspout and sump discharges to the drum. Then he filled the whole thing back over. you wouldn’t even know it was there! (Except for the large PVC pipes stuck to the side of the house, which we will eventually cover with a shrub or something.)

Now, all of the water runs through the PVC pipe, into the drum, and slowly seeps into the surrounding ground.


So there you have it, folks! You’ll have to find somewhere else to skate this winter!


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