More Kitchen Stuff…

We’ve just been busy little beavers in the kitchen lately, but I’m happy to say, it’s just about finished.

We got a new stove! (New to us.) Our old one was fine, but some friends of ours were getting rid of theirs, and it was a nice upgrade, so we snatched it up! (Thank you Redwing Family!)

Here’s our old one:


And the new one:


We love the glass top and its nice that all of our appliances match now!

In other news, the curtains are up in the kitchen. Remember our frilly, lacy ones?


Here are the new ones!


I was planning on buying fabric and just making the panels, but I saw the idea to use dishcloths and hang them with clips, so I thought, “why not?” I found 4-packs of dishcloths at Target for about $3.50, and the hardware is from Bed Bath and Beyond. Less than $50 for the whole project!


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