Fancy a cup o’ tea?

The adventures in organizing continue!

Growing up, tea was an important part of the day. It was common for my mom, my sister, and I to enjoy a cup of English tea and chat about our day. Fond memories…

Later on in life, I also developed a love of coffee. And all of the accessories that go along with making it.

Erich is also a tea drinker, and, with family now living in China, we have a fine assortment of Chinese teas as well. This is all well and good, but it does NOT make for an organized tea cupboard.

Until now.

Here’s the before:


I then completely emptied the cupboard, and gave it a good scrub.


Then I turned and looked at the table where I had put all of the stuff that had been in the cupboard. I briefly considered the possibility that I have a problem, and maybe I should seek counseling. But I shook it off and forged ahead. I promise I did get rid of some stuff.

I only made one purchase to organize my tea. A long narrow box that perfectly holds our tea bags.


But what about those tea companies that stubbornly refuse to individually wrap their tea bags? (I’m talking to YOU, Celestial Seasonings!) I cut the lid off of the box, and wrapped it around the inside of a mason jar. Then we store the tea bags in the mason jar. They stay nice and fresh, and we can quickly see what tea is stored inside.



Then I put everything back in an organized manner, coffee stuff on the bottom shelf, tea stuff in the middle, and less used tea pots and things on the top shelf. Here’s the finished product:


And these are the casualties of my clear-out, never again to clutter my kitchen!



2 thoughts on “Fancy a cup o’ tea?

  1. Sorry it has taken me so long to tell you how much i love the renovations and all the progress you have made. Such a cute idea to post it like that. The tea cupboard and dish cabinet are amazing!!! Wanna trade dishes? You both have made a beautiful. “Little yellow house if love”. Thats a song from the sixties “you dont even know” I love you both. And the cat team!

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