Pantry Makeover

You may remember that when we moved in, our pantry was actually a laundry room. We removed the stackable washer and dryer, and added shelves and doors to make it a functional pantry.


It has served us very well, but it has never really been very organized, or pleasant looking. So it got a little makeover.

I removed all of the items, sorting them as I went. (Baking ingredients, cooking ingredients, pots and pans, food storage, small appliances, etc) I then gave the whole thing a good cleaning. The white walls we’re really scuffed up and dirty, so a fresh coat of soft teal paint came to the rescue.


After installing all of the shelves, I put things back in. I tried to keep less-used items on the top shelves, often used items on the middle shelves, grouped by category, and the larger, heavier appliances and things on the lower shelves. This has made it so much easier to keep things organized.





We removed the trash can, but it has since migrated back in there. (Funny, I didn’t think trash cans could walk…) We plan to install a pull-out trash bin under the kitchen sink or in one of the cabinets.”


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