Talkin’ Trash

We were keeping the trash bin in the pantry, but it was less than ideal. Picture walking/running across the kitchen with drippy eggshells in an effort to get them into the trash in time. Yuck. I loved the idea of a pull-out trash can, and Erich happily agreed to build it! We did look at some ready-made systems, but they seemed a little chintzy, and pretty expensive. DIY was the way to go!

We purchased some plywood, drawer glides, and trash bins.


Erich essentially built a shallow box, and attached drawer glides.



In the above photo, we had attached the drawer glides to the bottom of the drawer. We found that didn’t work so well, so we reattached them to the sides.
We attached the cupboard door to the front, and now it’s a pull-out trash bin!




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