Cleaning Closet

My utility closet was a bit of an eyesore. Even though I’m pretty much the only one who sees it, I’m always looking for ways to make things prettier.



Yucky. I pulled up the pink tile. That pink tile haunts my dreams! 🙂 I sanded the floor and painted it, along with the walls and trim. I added new hooks. Now it’s tidy and organized. A clean cleaning closet, fancy that!






Kitchen Reveal!

The kitchen is complete! Here are the before photos:





And the after!


We painted the walls a warm grey. (Jogging Path from Sherwin Williams) and finished the trim. I painted the backsplash (last of the pink tile) the same color as the island. (Sherwin Williams Peppercorn)

We added legs to the island for added support, and to make it look more complete.




We love our brighter, cleaner, more functional kitchen!

Island Living

Progress continues on the kitchen! We decided that the kitchen table was not as functional as having an actual island would be. An island would give us ample workspace, as well as seating, so we decided to give it a shot.

Erich found a three-drawer cabinet at a local cabinet place that was going out of business, and he built a countertop from maple hardwood flooring! He even added an outlet to the side for plugging in appliances. It needs some finishing touches, but it’s added so much storage, and much needed counter space!

Also, you can see how great the hardwood floors turned out!



New Kitchen Floors!

Remember the pink tile? We really wanted it gone, so we tried to pull up a little bit of the tile in the pantry, hoping to find hardwood underneath that we could work with. Nope, just good ‘ole plywood! We decided to just finish the job and pull up the rest of the tile. NOT. FUN.




So, we bought new hardwood flooring. Stay tuned for the finished product!


Talkin’ Trash

We were keeping the trash bin in the pantry, but it was less than ideal. Picture walking/running across the kitchen with drippy eggshells in an effort to get them into the trash in time. Yuck. I loved the idea of a pull-out trash can, and Erich happily agreed to build it! We did look at some ready-made systems, but they seemed a little chintzy, and pretty expensive. DIY was the way to go!

We purchased some plywood, drawer glides, and trash bins.


Erich essentially built a shallow box, and attached drawer glides.



In the above photo, we had attached the drawer glides to the bottom of the drawer. We found that didn’t work so well, so we reattached them to the sides.
We attached the cupboard door to the front, and now it’s a pull-out trash bin!



New Bathroom!

We have added a new bathroom to our house! It was a much needed addition, and we’re really happy with it. We did most everything ourselves, with some help from plumber and electrician friends of ours. It took five weeks from start to finish. Not bad considering that we had to start from scratch, roughing in the plumbing and everything. Here it is!



The sink is Kohler, and we found it on Craigslist, new in box. The toilet is from the Habitat for Humanity Restore, picked up for $40! We got the hardwood-look floor tile at Hobo for about $1.29/sq ft. The mirror is Threshold, from Target.




The shower is white subway tile we picked up a couple of years ago at the Habitat for Humanity Restore for 50% off. We knew we would use it one day. Since we saved on the subway tile, we splurged a little and used pebble stone for the shower floor.

IMG_3580 IMG_3581

There is also a sauna! Erich got it for free a few years ago from someone who didn’t want it, and we decided we might as well install it in our new bathroom.





We are loving our new bathroom, and it has gotten us thinking about using the basement more, so we are planning on doing some work down there over the winter. Should be interesting…

Pantry Makeover

You may remember that when we moved in, our pantry was actually a laundry room. We removed the stackable washer and dryer, and added shelves and doors to make it a functional pantry.


It has served us very well, but it has never really been very organized, or pleasant looking. So it got a little makeover.

I removed all of the items, sorting them as I went. (Baking ingredients, cooking ingredients, pots and pans, food storage, small appliances, etc) I then gave the whole thing a good cleaning. The white walls we’re really scuffed up and dirty, so a fresh coat of soft teal paint came to the rescue.


After installing all of the shelves, I put things back in. I tried to keep less-used items on the top shelves, often used items on the middle shelves, grouped by category, and the larger, heavier appliances and things on the lower shelves. This has made it so much easier to keep things organized.





We removed the trash can, but it has since migrated back in there. (Funny, I didn’t think trash cans could walk…) We plan to install a pull-out trash bin under the kitchen sink or in one of the cabinets.”