Penelope & Baxter Fanpage

This page is devoted to our kitties, Penelope and Baxter.








4 thoughts on “Penelope & Baxter Fanpage

  1. Wow! What a fancy-shcmancy blog you all have. I had no idea Penny had her own fan page. She ought to have fans. What will you do with that space where the stackable was? Don’t feel bad that your first comment entry was from your sister. You’ll be famous soon enough.
    Love Emily, your biggest fan.

  2. There are a lot of pics of the cats that I have never seen before. I can’t believe how big Baxter has gotten! He’s the same size as Penny! He looks like Prince Harry. Let’s hope he grows up to be a bit more “put together”. P.S.- Love the white frames and the porch light. Erich is so smart with that backyard water issue.

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